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Colouring & Bleaching Products

  • Èdiverso color

    It is a complex rich in argan oils, desert dates, macadamia and olive extracted cold.

  • Bleaching
    powder 9

    This powder enriched with Plex® Technology, with a mixture of high-yield sugars and proteins from the corn grain, allows you to lighten your hair up to 9 tones. Even in certain structures, the "zero colour" level could be reached. Using it you can get unique homogeneous blonde tones.

  • Ammonia-free
    bleaching powder

    A universal ammonia-free bleaching treatment enriched with OIL COMPLEX TECHNOLOGY.

  • Neutral bleaching

    This bleaching paste with Beta-D- Fructose oligosaccharides lightens up to 7 shades while shading the hair, leaving it perfectly conditioned, hydrated and shiny.

  • Bleaching paste
    with silver colour

    The bleaching paste with colour and oligosaccharides Beta-D-Fructose lightens up to 6 shades while shading the hair, leaving it perfectly moisturised, conditioned, shiny and full of colour.

  • Èdiverso

    Oxidising cream emulsion specifically designed for ÈDiverso products and enriched with Argan oil.

  • ÈDiverso revealer

    Cream developer specifically designed for ÈDiverso products. Enriched with Argan oil.

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